Built-in Commercial Induction Cooker Single Burner with Separate Control Box AM-BCD101

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AM-BCD101, this built-in design commercial induction cooker with unparalleled speed and efficiency, Commercial induction cooktops are known for their lightning-fast heating capabilities. Thanks to advanced electromagnetic technology, these cookware transfers heat directly to your cookware, bypassing the need for traditional heating elements. This means faster cooking times, allowing you to serve customers promptly even during peak hours. Induction cooktops are more energy efficient than their gas or electric counterparts, significantly reducing electricity costs, making them a cost-effective investment for your business.

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Enhanced security features: The induction cooking process eliminates open flames, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage. Additionally, induction cooktops feature an automatic shut-off mechanism, ensuring no energy is wasted and reducing the possibility of overheating. Induction cooktops have no exposed heating elements and the surface is cool to the touch, providing a safe cooking experience for your staff and peace of mind for you.

Precise temperature control: One of the standout features of commercial induction cooktops is their precise temperature control capabilities. Sensing technology instantly and accurately adjusts heat output, allowing chefs to maintain optimal cooking conditions. Whether you need to slow cook or sear, the ability to precisely control temperatures delivers consistent and ideal results, ensuring the highest quality dishes for your valued customers.

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Model No. AM-BCD101
Control Mode Seperated Control Box
Rated Power & Voltage 3500W, 220-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Display LED
Ceramic Glass Black Micro cystal glass
Heating Coil Copper Coil
Heating Control Half-bridge technology
Cooling Fan 4 pcs
Burner Shape Flat Burner
Timer Range 0-180 min
Temperature Range 60℃-240℃ (140-460°F)
Pan Sensor Yes
Over-heating/ over-voltage protection Yes
Over-flow protection Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Glass Size 300*300mm
Product Size 360*340*120mm
Certification CE-LVD/ EMC/ ERP, REACH, RoHS, ETL, CB
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This compact, lightweight unit is an ideal choice for front of the house cooking demonstrations or sampling. Use it with an induction-ready wok to create delicious stir fry for customers while allowing them to watch the cooking process! Perfect for light-duty use in stir-fry stations, catering services, or anywhere you need an extra burner.


1. How does ambient temperature effect this induction range?
Please avoid installing the induction cooker in a location where other appliances have direct ventilation. To ensure proper operation of the controls, all models require adequate intake and exhaust ventilation without any restrictions. In addition, it should be noted that the maximum intake air temperature should not exceed 43C (110F). This temperature measurement is taken in the ambient air while all kitchen appliances are running.

2. What clearances are needed for this induction range?
For countertop models, it is crucial to leave at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of clearance in the back and enough space under the induction stove equal to the height of its feet. Some devices take in air from below, so it's important not to place them on a soft surface that could block airflow to the bottom of the device.

3. Can this induction range handle any pan capacity?
While most induction cooktops don't have specific weights or pot capacities, it's important to check the manual for any guidance. To ensure that your stovetop is functioning properly and intact, it is crucial to use a pan with a bottom diameter that is no larger than the diameter of the burner. Using larger pans or pots (such as stockpots) may reduce the effectiveness of this range and affect the quality of your food. You should also be aware that using a pan with a curved or uneven bottom, a very dirty bottom, or a chipped or cracked bottom may trigger the error code.

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