Heavy-duty Commercial Induction Cooktop Double Burner 3500W+3500W AM-CD202

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AM-CD202, stainless steel commercial induction cooker, this cooktop use half-bridge technology with double burners 3500W+3500W.

This portable induction cooktop is compact and lightweight. It can be easily stored when not use, and quickly put into action when you need it, indoors or out.

The stainless steel construction ensures durability and reliability, thickness is 1.0mm. The durable commercial induction cooktop can support up to 50kgs on the cooktop surface.

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* Portable Induction Cooktop
* Six Fans, Fast Dissipation, Long Life
* Thickened Material&50kgs Load-bearing
* Cook fast & High Efficiency, 3500W+3500W
* 180mins Timer & Preser
* Uniform Fire, Makes The Food Tender And Smooth

AM-CD202 -3


Model No. AM-CD202
Control Mode Sensor Touch
Rated Power & Voltage 3500W+3500W, 220-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Display LED
Ceramic Glass Black Micro cystal glass
Heating Coil Copper Coil
Heating Control Half-bridge technology
Cooling Fan 6 pcs
Burner Shape Flat Burner
Timer Range 0-180 min
Temperature Range 60℃-240℃ (140-460°F)
Pan Sensor Yes
Over-heating/ over-voltage protection Yes
Over-flow protection Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Glass Size 348*587mm
Product Size 765*410*120mm
Certification CE-LVD/ EMC/ ERP, REACH, RoHS, ETL, CB
AM-CD202 -4


The offered range of stoves commercial induction cooktops are perfect for hotels and restaurants. It can be used with induction heating equipment to create delicious meals for customers while maintaining the temperature and freshness of the food. It's highly adaptable, making it ideal for stir-fry stations, catering services, or any other environment that requires an additional burner.


1. How does ambient temperature effect this induction range?
Make sure the induction cooktop is not installed in an area where other appliances can emit exhaust fumes directly into it. To ensure proper operation of the controls, all models require adequate unrestricted air intake and exhaust ventilation. The maximum intake air temperature should not exceed 43C (110F). Note that the temperature is the ambient air temperature measured with all kitchen appliances running.

2. What clearances are needed for this induction range?
Be sure to leave at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of clearance on the back of countertop models and enough space under the induction cooktop equal to the height of its feet. It's important to note that some devices draw air from below, so avoid placing them on soft surfaces that may block airflow to the bottom of the device.

3. Can this induction range handle any pan capacity?
While most induction cooktops do not have specific weight or pot capacity limits, it is recommended to consult the manual for any guidance provided. To ensure optimal performance and prevent damage, it is important to use a pan with a bottom diameter that matches or is slightly smaller than the burner diameter. Using larger pans, such as stockpots, will reduce the efficiency of your stovetop and affect the quality of your cooking. Also, be aware that using a pan with a curved or uneven bottom, a heavily soiled bottom, or a chipped or cracked bottom may cause error codes or other issues.

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