Combined Induction and Infrared Cooktop Double Burner AM-DF210

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AM-DF210, combined with 1 infrared cooktop(2000W) and 1 induction cooktop(2000W), with power share function up to 3000W.

Two burner working at the same time, fast and efficient heat waves to penetrate food directly, resulting in faster cooking times compared to traditional stoves or ovens.

Highly energy efficient due to its ability to transfer heat directly to the cookware without preheating.

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Precise Temperature Control: This combined cooker offers precise temperature control, allowing users to easily adjust the heating intensity. This feature ensures consistent cooking results, especially for delicate dishes that require specific temperatures.

Safety: The cooker equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off and cool-touch surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents and burns.

Easy to clean: Have smooth glass or ceramic surfaces, making them easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Since there are no open flames or gas burners, there is no need for tedious cleaning of grates or burner heads.

Portability: Compact and portable, making them ideal for small kitchen spaces or for people who move frequently. Its lightweight design makes storage and transportation easy.

AM-DF210 -3


Model No. AM-DF210
Control Mode Sensor Touch Control
Rated Power & Voltage 2000W+2000W, 220-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Display LED
Ceramic Glass Black Micro crystal glass
Heating Coil Induction Coil
Heating Control Imported IGBT
Timer Range 0-180 min
Temperature Range 60℃-240℃ (140℉-460℉)
Housing Material Aluminum
Pan Sensor Yes
Over-heating/ over-voltage protection Yes
Over-current protection Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Glass Size 690*420mm
Product Size 690*420*95mm
Certification CE-LVD/ EMC/ ERP, REACH, RoHS, ETL, CB
AM-DF210 -4


This combination of infrared and induction cooktop, equipped with imported IGBT technology, is perfect for hotel breakfast bars, buffets and catering events. It excels at displaying cooking at the front and is ideal for light duty tasks. It is compatible with a variety of pots and has multi-functional functions such as frying, hot pot, soup, general cooking, boiling water, and steaming.


1. How long is your Warranty?
Our products come with a one-year warranty on wearing parts. In addition, each container will come with an additional 2% of the number of wearing parts to ensure a seamless experience of 10 years of normal use.

2. What is your MOQ?
Sample 1 pc order or test order is accepted. General order: 1*20GP or 40GP, 40HQ mixed container.

3. How long is your lead time (What is your delivery time)?
Full container: 30 days after receiving deposit.
LCL container: 7-25 days depends on quantity.

4. Do you accept OEM?
Certainly! We can help you create your logo and incorporate it into your product. Alternatively, if you prefer to use our own logo, that option is also perfectly acceptable.

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