Combined Two Induction Burner and Two Infrared Cooktop AM-DF401

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The best cooker to improve your cooking skills without spending a lot of money – Combined Infrared and Induction Cooker AM-DF401 , designed with affordability in mind, this innovative appliance delivers professional-grade cooking capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Get ready to impress your guests by easily whipping up restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of your kitchen.

Its lightning-fast heating ability with 4 burners not only saves you valuable time in the kitchen, but also helps preserve the nutrients in your food. Experience the convenience of quick, nutritious meals with this game-changing device.

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Improved control and flexiblity: Combined infrared and induction cooktops offer multiple heat settings and temperature controls, giving users precise control over their cooking. This flexibility allows for a variety of cooking techniques and adaptation to a variety of recipes.

Reduced fire risk: Combined infrared and induction cooktops only generate heat when in contact with compatible cookware, the risk of accidental fires is significantly reduced compared to gas stoves. This makes multi-burner induction cooktops a safer choice for home and commercial kitchens.

Quieter operation: Unlike gas ranges with audible flames and electric ranges with humming coils, multi-burner combined infrared and induction cooktops operate quietly. This creates a quieter and more peaceful cooking environment, which is especially appreciated in open kitchen designs.

AM-DF401 -4


Model No. AM-DF401
Control Mode Sensor Touch Control
Voltage & Frequency 220-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Power 2000W+1500W+2000W+1200W
Display LED
Ceramic Glass Black Micro crystal glass
Heating Coil Induction Coil
Heating Control Imported IGBT
Timer Range 0-180 min
Temperature Range 60℃-240℃ (140℉-460℉)
Housing Material Aluminum
Pan Sensor Yes
Over-heating/ over-voltage protection Yes
Over-current protection Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Glass Size 590*520mm
Product Size 590*520*120mm
Certification CE-LVD/ EMC/ ERP, REACH, RoHS, ETL, CB
AM-DF401 -3


This infrared induction cooker uses imported IGBT technology and is perfect for hotel breakfast bars, buffets and catering events. It excels at cooking presentations at the front and is ideal for light duty tasks. Compatible with a variety of pots and pans, it can be used for frying, hot pot, soup making, general cooking, boiling water, steaming, etc.


1. How long is your Warranty?
We offer a one-year warranty on all wearing parts of our products. Additionally, we provide 2% quantity of these parts per container, ensuring uninterrupted use for 10 years.

2. What is your MOQ?
Sample 1 pc order or test order is accepted. General order: 1*20GP or 40GP, 40HQ mixed container.

3. How long is your lead time (What is your delivery time)?
Full container: 30 days after receiving deposit.
LCL container: 7-25 days depends on quantity.

4. Do you accept OEM?
Absolutely! We can help you create your logo and stick it on your product. If you prefer to use our own logo, that's okay too.

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