Double Burner 3500W+3500W Versatile Commercial Induction Cooker AM-CD207

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AM-CD207 stainless steel commercial induction cooktop, with latest innovation in power technology – the Half-Bridge Technology. Designed to revolutionize the way you experience efficiency and durability, our cutting-edge solution is set to transform your product performance like never before.

With our Half-Bridge Technology, you can expect nothing short of exceptional efficiency. By optimizing power distribution and minimizing energy loss, our technology ensures that every watt counts. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to reduced operating costs, all while maintaining peak performance.

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* The seven functions: steamed, pan-fried, stir-fried, fried, soup, boil water, hot pot
* Touch screen operation, convenient and sensitive
* Uniform fire, maintain the original flavor
* Continuous heating, energy saving, save electricity
* Large power, 3500 watt
* Smart timer setting in 180 mins



Model No. AM-CD207
Control Mode Sensor Touch
Rated Power & Voltage 3500W+3500W, 220-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Display LED
Ceramic Glass Black Micro cystal glass
Heating Coil Copper Coil
Heating Control Half-bridge technology
Cooling Fan 8 pcs
Burner Shape Flat Burner + Convave Burner
Timer Range 0-180 min
Temperature Range 60℃-240℃ (140-460°F)
Pan Sensor Yes
Over-heating/ over-voltage protection Yes
Over-flow protection Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Glass Size 285*285mm + 277*42*4mm
Product Size 800*505*185mm
Certification CE-LVD/ EMC/ ERP, REACH, RoHS, ETL, CB


The stoves offered here are commercial induction cooktops which are a top choice for cooking in hotels and restaurants. Use it with an induction heater to create delicious dishes and maintain food temperature and freshness. Its versatility makes it perfect for stir-fry stations, catering services, and any environment that requires an extra burner.


1. How does ambient temperature effect this induction range?
Do not install in areas where other equipment can exhaust directly into the Induction range. All models require adequate unrestricted intake and exhaust air ventilation for proper operation of the controls. The maximum intake temperature must not exceed 43C(110F). Temperatures are measured in ambient air while all appliances in the kitchen are in operation.

2. What clearances are needed for this induction range?
Countertop models require a minimum clearance of 3 inches (7.6 cm) at the rear and a minimum clearance under the Induction range of a distance equal to the height of the feet of the Induction range. Some units draws air from below. It must not be placed on a soft surface that could restrict airflow to the bottom of the unit.

3. Can this induction range handle any pan capacity?
Most induction ranges do not have specified weight or pan capacities, but make sure to check the manual. The key to ensuring your range works properly and does not get damaged by too much weight is to use a pan with a bottom diameter that does not exceed the burner's diameter. Using a larger pan or pot, such as a stock pot, will lessen the effectiveness of the range and the quality of your food. Please note a warped or uneven bottom, a very dirty pan/pot bottom, or perhaps even chipped or cracked pot/pan might cause error codes.

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